Looking for musical instruments to use in classes either for demonstration or to play. Any condition is fine, sometimes it's nice just to have instruments that students can put their hands on even if it's not quite playable.
Any model. Thanks
6 hours agoHanover, VA +15 milesItems Wanted
Any model. Thanks
I don't want to buy an entire order if I only need 4. I cant find individual ones to buy, just bulk.
Need medium dresser, kitchen table and chairs for 4, entertainment center/TV stand, bookcase, desk, desk chair, double or queen complete bed. If you are at all able to load/unload and transport it would be greatly appreciated. Husband can no longer lift due to heart surgery.
18-Aug-2018Hopewell, VA +20 milesItems Wanted
I'm in need of school supplies for my 4th grader. I have had surgery and I'm out of work for 6wks and can't afford to get them. My wife is disabled and is waiting to hear back for her ssi. I'm the only one that works until I had surgery so it's putting us in a financial bind.
Looking for an old ladder for a garden project. Doesn't matter what the condition is, I can paint it. Wood or metal. Thanks.
15-Aug-2018Hanover, VA +15 milesItems Wanted
Looking to repurpose some old furniture and decor. Just starting so I don t want to spend a ton of money and mess up.
15-Aug-2018Chesterfield, VA +12 milesItems Wanted
I am conducting a donation drive for several nonprofit/no-kill animal sanctuaries in the tri-city areas. I work in a hospital and am collecting medical supplies for these programs, I am also looking for items to help their well-being, comfortability, cleanliness, and food. Anything you think will help these animals in need would be helpful!
I am hoping to find someone who is willing to give away a playground set for free. Thank you. ~(^_^)~
Need manual staple guns (not electric) for a high school project. Thanks,
Seeking if anyone has mint or teal color kitchen decor or any home improvement items(i.e. dark laminate flooring, tile)
size 5T or small 6/7 boy clothes. will take any season clothing.
14-Aug-2018Hanover, VA +15 milesItems Wanted
size 5T or small 6/7 boy clothes. will take any season clothing.
14-Aug-2018Chesterfield, VA +12 milesItems Wanted
size 5T or small 6/7 boy clothes. will take any season clothing.
13-Aug-2018Chesterfield, VA +12 milesItems Wanted
A friend has returned to teaching Spanish after some years away and could use teaching aids such as posters, flash cards, etc.
Looking for a crib mattress, standard size. Thank you!
I really want to start an astronomy meetup here in Richmond but need a telescope to make it a reality. The Schmidt-Cassegrain style is preferred simply because it's easily transported, but I'd take any compact style scope of quality brand (ie, not the "600x!" ones from Walmart, which are basically toys). Accessories not needed: still have those from my previous telescope that I had to sell year...
Either running or a fixer-upper, with a title preferred. Never hurts to ask ;)
Looking for algebra,geometry,trig., chemistry,and botony books. Thanks
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